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Chapter 7 — Movies

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Chapter 7: Movies


In his May 19, 2005, review of Star Wars: Episode III, The Revenge of the Sith, movie critic Roger Ebert wrote that this episode “is a return to the classic space opera style that launched the series.” He added that this sixth installment of Star Wars may not be the final one produced. “This is not necessarily the last of the Star Wars movies. Although [producer George] Lucas has absolutely said he is finished with the series, it is inconceivable to me that 20th Century-Fox will willingly abandon the franchise, especially as Lucas has hinted that parts VII, VIII, and IX exist at least in his mind. There will be enormous pressure for them to be made, if not by him, then by his deputies,” Ebert wrote.

VIDEO: Yoda vs. Sidious

  • Star Wars: Episode III, The Revenge of the Sith earned more than $850 million worldwide.
  • In 2007, Lucasfilm released a number of Star Wars scenes to Eyespot—a new Web-based video editor—enabling fans to remix existing Star Wars scenes into new, creative pieces, which can then be shared online. Eyespot carries 250 sixty-second Star Wars clips, which people can edit and add their own material to, then post their mashups on the Eyespot Web site. While Eyespot typically allows those who create work on the site to own their pieces, this is not the case with the Star Wars mashups. Lucasfilm has forced an agreement with Eyespot whereby Lucasfilm owns the exclusive rights to any completed works that contain Star Wars footage. What’s more, it will even own the commercial rights to the creator’s extra footage. Indeed, George Lucas has become known for vigorously guarding his intellectual property, so this arrangement has not come as a surprise to those who follow copyright issues in Hollywood.
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