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Reading the article The Day the Movies Died, decide if author Mark Harris is right in asserting that movies are “dead.” Either citing his reporting techniques or debating them (it’s okay to think he’s wrong!), offer an opinion.

After you offer your opinion, assess how he asks you to engage — did he convince you? Will you engage in movies the way he asks?


Reflect on Wednesday’s project in class. Tell me what questions you asked that worked, and what you would do differently if you had a second chance.

Next, introduce us to the person you interviewed by telling us a few things you learned about them and at least one great quote they gave you during your interview.

Finally, share your lead and second paragraph.

Watch your favorite television show. What are you consuming? Why? If you don’t have a television, go to and pick something. Use this to help you write your analysis.

Question: If television is our main storytelling medium, what story is it telling?

  • Look for ads, cultural messages, product placement, and other indicators of what theshow might actually be doing.
  • What messages does this show reinforce?
  • Analyze IT. Not the plot, but HOW the show works.
  • What is the thesis of this particular episode? Why did the author choose this to focus on?
  • How does this show appeal to its audience?
  • Note the commercials that are aired. What audience do they appeal to? Why?
  • How do the characters/etc behave? Whodoes this appeal to? Why?
  • Lastly, what shows DON’T you like? Why?

Tune in to Colorado Public Radio, either on 90.1 or online at Click “Listen to Colorado News” at the top of the page to listen.

Listen to two hours of broadcasts — specifically, tune in once to Colorado Matters (which airs Tuesday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. or listen to a recent broadcast), and once to a national/international show, like BBC World Service, Morning Edition, Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation, The World, or All Things Considered.

For each of the programs you listen to, weave your opinion and analysis into the Five Steps of Media Critique. This post is due on Monday, 2/21, at 8 a.m.

Investigate a small, independent recording company (of which there are tens of thousands throughout the United States and the world). Pick one from the list below, or get your own approved by me—It can’t be one of the big five labels. In addition, you can choose an independent radio station—if you can find one! Visit its Web site, and try to proceed through the five steps of the critical process:


First, read “Political Blogs Ready to Flood Campaign Trail.”

Write a short response that includes the following:

1. Have you followed political blogs? Which were new to you?

2. How do you think blogs might potentially change the coverage of the upcoming political elections?

Second, read “Spotlight Again Falls on Web Tools and Change.”

Write a short response that includes the following:

1. How is the web being used around the world in ways that are different than America?

2. Do you think that social networking can be an effective way to unite people and create change in political movements?

3. Do you think it would ever be possible to shut down the internet and wireless communication in America?

4 .What effect do you think that had on the people in Egypt?