Prompt for Blog Response due on 2/28

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Blog Prompts

Watch your favorite television show. What are you consuming? Why? If you don’t have a television, go to and pick something. Use this to help you write your analysis.

Question: If television is our main storytelling medium, what story is it telling?

  • Look for ads, cultural messages, product placement, and other indicators of what theshow might actually be doing.
  • What messages does this show reinforce?
  • Analyze IT. Not the plot, but HOW the show works.
  • What is the thesis of this particular episode? Why did the author choose this to focus on?
  • How does this show appeal to its audience?
  • Note the commercials that are aired. What audience do they appeal to? Why?
  • How do the characters/etc behave? Whodoes this appeal to? Why?
  • Lastly, what shows DON’T you like? Why?


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